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Moscow ZOO
MOSKVA Hotel ***
Taxi On-Line - taxi, minibuses, buses, limousines
Uniform Russian System of the Order of the Taxi: taxi, representation automobiles, minibuses, buses, limousines, rent of automobiles, rent-a-car.
UKRAINA Hotel ****
Vega Hotel ***
"7th Floor" Hotel
You are welcome to our Hotel right in the heart of a green peaceful area of Moscow within a few minutes walk from Yugo-Zapadnaja metro station. The "7th Floor" Hotel is 15 minutes from "Vnukovo" airport and 20 minutes from Moscow's center.
10,000 offshore investing funds - discounts research and guidance
With clients in over 90 countries and a monthly investment newsletter this award winning web site is full of valuable information for investors.
3-room apartment in the very center of MOSCOW from the landlady.
Very center of Moscow (Smolensky blvd., apt. ╧ 6-8). Room sizes are about: 22+ 18+ 16 Kitchen about 8 - 9m Big hall: about 7 m Baths & toilette separate Steel door Concierge Intercom Wooden floor Plastic windows (Double vacuum modules). 3 balkonies (lodges) Western stile √ white or light wallpaper everywhere. Everything is clean & nice METRO: 5 minutes walk from Smolenskaya, Park Kultury Ceiling is about 260 cm (soviet era building, but not Stalin or earlier). All windows are to the yard. RENT PERIOD: I am looking for 1 year minimum stay. Price is USD 1099 - 1299/ monthly You can call me home at: +7 (095) 437-74-04 Or leave your message on the answering machine if I am not in. I will call you back ASAP. You can also call me +7 (095) 787-11-12 on week-days 10-18.00
A Moscow Lady
A Moscow Lady agency will assist you in your dreams of meeting a beautiful, elegant, intellegent Russian lady from the very heart of Russia to start new life with. We present to you Russian ladies living in Moscow and Moscow region. All of them are real women and are looking for marriage seriously.
A Saga of Heliga Birgitta and her topless girls who already working for Jewish Evangelian Sex undustries
A Saga of Heliga Birgitta and her topless girls who already working for Jewish Evangelian Sex undustries Hannela Wikstrцm ** - Did you heard, higher secretary sets up the commercial sex films, distributing by high classified staff?... - I heard on the Swedish model official whore industry and saaw a film which labeled "Heliga Birgitta and her toppless girls serving at Naeringslivs department"... - What does Naering means? - I think it's a holy word, means "Production or progress"... - Official indiustrial department but how could the freaks drive such commerce beyond the pfficial doors? - It's a Swedish judaic tradition; like a traditional haly affair and everyone knows that Zionist dominated institutions working such industries... Is it shame to deal in such liberal offical market? - Sometimes!... Folks say there are more advanced forms of such industries... For example my former chief, still drives high classified sex deal... - I met with a Birgitta, at the Naeringslivs department... - Heliga Birgitta? Swedish people calls her "Hajar bakifraan" ... She began at such department.. But nowadays she dliver her DVD fimls beyond other official sections for instance Laensarbetsnaemnden... - I saw only one DVD labeled "Heliga Birgitta" and her topless girls... When I called for other films then her staff said that this whore has other nick in Scandinavia; "Madame Hajar bakifraan"... - Wonderful!... You know Scandinavian Jewish Evangelian industries better than our imbecill premier minister... - Everyone knos, because Heliga Birgitta is an elderly woman today... She works (!) on Mature DVD films and therefpore this Heliga (!) Cow needs announces to sell much more... Look at these pages what this freak Mammele Beijer announcing? - Ooh, Gosh!.. "We (me&my daughters and very hot Jewish mature friends)looking for gentlemen for quick BODY CONTACT! Contact me; Birgitta Heijer, e-mail: Just right address, enjoy yourself!.. We are looking for gentlemen for quick BODY CONTACT! We (me&my daughters and very hot Jewish mature friends)looking for gentlemen for quick BODY CONTACT! FREE *PICS* via e-mail... Look at my daughters' pics, here on the line (fine!), Come and cum when your penis wishes... - FREE Film promises by Birgitta? - Yes, it's!.. But she warns; "We must at first time meet at the King's Judefucked Sommarstuga place!.. If your profile XXX OK so you can follow me to my sweet home, understand?! Pussy! Hajar du, so fix put into Heijer Pussy!... Pussy!... Pussy!... - I know what she means!... - How you be sure? - Because I ordered new films via e-mail: - Did you know that first one film is free? - It'ds not valid by me... - Why, dear Big Brother? - I'am an elderly customer of Big Brothel... - ?! ** - It's another Swedish Jewish newspaper!... Another annuncement by Mammele Haj... - Let's listen!.. - "I adore little more harding and long time erection power!.. Is it much,dear? Me, Birgitta Heijer available and secure by official connection; I adore little more harding and long time erection power!.. Is it much,dear? Come&cum!..We are Open 24 hours in day in Sweden.. We must at first time meet at the King's Judefucked Sommarstuga place!.. If your profile XXX OK so you can follow me to my sweet home, understand?! Hajar du, so fix put into Heijer! Pussy! Your XXX Birgitta! Free Film, order via e-mail: Only the first oine is free, others costs and you will see an attached prize list in parcel. - It looks like the first one announcement? - But this is a different magazine... - What a shame on Scandinavia!.. Waht a shame for her husband! - What a scum on USrael!... Her true husband is USrael... - ?! ** - Why are porno films legal and prostitution illegal in SvekJa Kingdom? - Because SvekJa is an uptight overly moralistic fascist oligarchy. Swedes bitch about exposing kids to sex, but then feed them violence filled media. Which do you really think is more dangerous? - SvekJa is the only country which outlaws the buying but not the selling of sex. - ...and punishment for only the middle class and under class... SvekJa is only contry never punishing the overclass ponces!.. Think on this nasty stuff, Birgitta Heijer... If she would be an ordinary people, imagine!... - ?! ** - You see, individual prostitution is punishable, but organized prostitution in Sweden is very aristocratic cultural entertaintment specially by the pims of establishment. - Have you heard Birgitta Heijer was high secretary by industry ministry when Estonia ship sinked... - What is the connex between prostitution and radiactive importings collaps... - I don't know... I am not expert omn radiactive smuggle by ferries nor high classed prostitution... I know only simple thing.. I was cleaner in the department when the ferry sinked... I saw only a group of famous Jews discussed with any whores and paid money... - They fucked and paid, you mean... - They fucked state because this money was coruupt and Mammele Birgitta Heijer gave the secret documents to these men...After all she was been "exellence Madam" all over the official areas and where she issued always missing the evidences... You asked, anybody fucked and paid... Yes, they both whores and ponces fucking this poor democracy... - ?! ** - Do you tell me on other famous Jewish whores; both male and female whores? - I can began with Monica Lewinsky; the Russian Jewish descent... Monica Samille Lewinsky is of Russian Jewish descent. Her father is Dr. Bernard Lewinsky who has a lucrative oncology practice. Her divorced mother, Marcia Lewis, is an author. She grew up in a luxury $1.6 million home in Beverly Hills. A friend of her mother, Walter Kaye, a rich Jewish New York isurance magnate, contributed over $100, 000 to the Democratic Party and was one of the elite invited to sleep in the White House Lincoln Room. Kaye got Lewinsky the upaid job as an "intern" in the White House. In Nov. 1995 Clinton took notice of her and within a month the affair began. Clinton would take Lewinsky into his private study of which the only entrance is into the Presidential Oval Office. She was still college age- only 21. In the Spring of 1996, Evelyn Lieberman, Clinton's Jewish Chief of Staff, noticed the close relationship and had her transferred to the Pentagon to try and avoid scandal. Clinton intervened and got her an important job with top security clearance as a "Confidential Assistant" to chief Pentagon spokesman, Kenneth Bacon. She received a salary of $32,700 a year including travel expenses to Europe. Clinton bought Lewinsky gifts and phoned her late at night for obscene "sex talk." No intern had ever moved up so fast. Clinton provided her with a special pass to enter the White House late at night and on weekends when Lieberman and others were away. However, things did not go well at the Pentagon. Lewinsky bumbled clerical tasks and mis-managed Bacon's schedule. Thus he let her go. Clinton immediately contacted U.N. Ambassador Bill Richardson and asked him to give her a job and he agreed. Then Lewinsky's name came up in the Paula Jones case as one of Clinton's mistresses. He then told her to see Negro lawyer, Vernon Jordan in New York for a non-government job and advice on how to deny any questioning about their relationship. Jordan tried to get her a job at American Express and the Jewish-owned Revlon cosmetics. Revlon agreed to hire her but withdrew the offer once this scandal broke. (Revlon, a major source of funds for Clinton, also paid Hubbell hush-money for non-work.) Clinton Tells Women That Oral Sex Is Not Intercourse and That It Is Biblically Sactioned! Lewinsky says that she performed oral sex on Clinton for 18 months. Clinton told her that this was not "intercourse" nor an act of "infidelity." She was simply serving her President. Lewinsky explained all this to Linda Tripp who was taping their converstations about Clinton. She said that Clinton said that they must restrict their acts to oral sex only because, "you can't take the risks of intercourse these days!" Clinton explained that this is Biblically sanctioned and cited Genesis 38: 8-10 where Onan is reluctant to impregnate his brother's widow and "spills his seed on the ground." Clinton also quotes Black's Law Dictionary which states that oral sex is not technically adultery. In fact, Clinton told both Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers that oral activities are not sex at all but, "an advanced massage technique!" This is why he is able to go on national TV and state that he did not engage in sexual intercourse with Monica Lewinsky. This is a blunt explanation as to the how Clinton's mind works. How many Americans who believe in family values will go along with such warped thinking? - Doctor Says Clinton is Sick Sex Addict - Let's listen!.. - Dr Paul Fick holds a Ph.D in clinical psychology. In 1995 he wrote the book, "The Dysfunctional President, Inside the Mind of Bill Clinton." At the time little attention was paid to the book. Now it is being studied by other researchers. Dr. Fick wrote: "Clinton is someone who has a significant psychological disorder. He needs treatment. He suffers from Compulsive Sexual Disorder. This is a constant striving for more and more sex. It is a pathological behavior that does not get better by itself. They exhibit such tendencies as to lie or bend the truth, waffle, cover up conflict, deny or set aside harsh realities and become energized by self-created chaos. They also tend to assume a heroic role and strive to excel and be liked by everyone. with relative ease one can predict from past behavior that Clinton's sexual appetite will continue to produce problems for his presidency." Since writing the book, Dr. fick now states that Clinton's present predicament could have easily been predicted and he is not surprised. While there have been a number of polls claiming that a majority of Americans think that Clinton is doing a good job, there is a highly significant USA Today/CNN poll of Jan. 28, which states that only 33% of the population consider Clinton, "as honest and trustworthy." this important poll has been played down. - More and more Americans have had enough of Clinton's reprehensible activities. The hour has arrived to IMPEACH CLINTON NOW! - Heliga Birgitta is Swedish model Monica Lewinsky!... - I see no any parallell points... - You can't see... Because you watch only the films.. But I pay for "Living History" and Heliga Birgitta sucks my penis exactly how Lewinsky did... - ?! ** - What says American media? - Lewinsky's rabbi has harsh words for Clinton, Los Angeles Times comments on Sept. 16, 1998, (originated by Associated Press)... Monica Lewinsky's rabbi lashed out at President Bill Clinton on Tuesday, accusing him of shaming the nation and paralyzing the goverment with immature sexual behavior. "He was a brilliant, talented, extraordinary child, and for the leader of the United States we need an adult," Rabbi David Wolpe, senior rabbi of Sinai Temple in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, said Tuesday in recalling his 20-minute message to his congregation on Saturday. The Lewinsky family did not attend, and Wolpe did not criticize Monica Lewinsky, 25, a former White House intern. - Wolpe is the author of such books as "Teaching Your Children About God," "Why Be Jewish?" and "The Healer of Shattered Hearts." "The leader of her nation is a source of shame," Wolpe said. "I think that people who are serious and thoughtful are heartbroken. What about people around the world who depend on American action, and now there's a paralyzed administration? "The government is in a half nelson," he said. - He noted that the season of repentance in the Jewish calendar is coming, offering Clinton an opportunity to "cleanse his soul." "Even if his political life is over, and I really don't know if it is, his moral life isn't over," Wolpe said. - Judaism excuses everywhere, both in Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Melbourne, Jew York... - "Judaism excuses sin but not emptiness. From his flinty, legalistic apology at first we got a sense this wasn't a person who takes responsibility for his sin. "A leader doesn't have to be sinless, but a leader has to be repentant." - Living history... - You labeled? - No!.. Swedish premier fatty imbecill G.rеn Petsion labeled... He calls such plunderer liar whore Jewish Evangelian instruments as "Living History"... - I can't believe in you!.. - Read, please their own explains, here!... - ?! *** ________________________________ Today's most visited pages: Los Angeles Times:
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