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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Exhibition "Marina Mikhailovna
State Historical museum invites you to the exhibition "Marina Mikhailovna's Golden Pursuit". The exhibition is opening a series of expositions demonstrating the audience the depository departments of the museum and presenting the department of precious metals which includes over 30 hundred memorials of jeweller's art of XI - XX centuries. The exposition is devoted the 100-th birthday anniversary of the greatest researcher of Russian jeweller's art, Marina Mikhailovna Postnikova-Loseva (1901 - 1085), Doctor of Art who had worked at the Historical Museum the longest part of her life. She is considered to be the founder of the research school of hall-marks upon Russian jeweller objects of XVII - XX centuries. The exhibition reproduces in miniature the depository itself, that is the special pantry containing over 100 memorials of Russian jeweller's art of XVI - XX centuries and also original manuscripts and M.M. Postnikova-Loseva's photos. Among the exhibits one will see a unique children's drinking vessel of Peter the Great's son, prince Alexey, and niello saint water-cup of late XVII century made by the masters of the Armory Chamber. Both objects had been purchased for the museum by Postnikova-Loseva at the Sotheby Auction. The visitors will also see a silver chalice and paten, V.V. Golitsin's gift on the occasion of concluding Eternal peace treaty with Poland in 1686, coronation carved glass of silver and gilding which had belonged to Alexander III and other unique memorials. The exhibition will last until January, 21, 2002.

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