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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Trading Center "Nail" is accepted in deposit
A new exhibition "MUAR-PROJECT, Building N." is going to be opened in State Scientific and Research Architectural Museum by name of A.V. Shusev. The project started in 2001. It is a program of creating a collection of modern architecture. Elena Gonsales, Nckolay Malinin and Grigory Revzin are currently the experts of the program. Up to the present moment five buildings have been included into the collection. Trading Center "Nail" will be the sixth one accepted in deposit by the Architectural Museum. It has been projected by the famous Moscow architectural Workshop "Ostojenka". Trading Center "Nail"/Moscow, the end of Volokolamskoe highway/Architectural Burro "Ostojenka"/Architects: A. Skokan, A. Yaralov, V. Mitenev, I. Voronezhsky, V. Labutin, M. Skorokhod. The building's main characteristics, in spite of a partial change of functions, follow the idea of the project. It would be a matter of honor for the Workshop to bring the project to the point of realization, and the museum's exposition is a memorial one. A special unit of the exposition it devoted to showing the way from the first project to the ready building where one can see the whole work at the embodiment of Andrey Yaralov's conception.

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