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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Art of 1917 - 1932
The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, State Central Museum of Modern History of Russia, Russian Federal Archive Service and Russian State Archive of Literature and Art invite you to the exhibition "Those who are not with us are against us. Artistic life of 1917 - 1932". Unique collections of original works of mass art (placard, photo, porcelain, textile) demonstrate many aspects of artistic life of the 20s when the new authorities managed to make representatives of all the spheres of creative work serve revolutionary propaganda. There are a lot of placards here, among them unique free-hand "Windows of ROSTA" (Russian Telegraph Agency). One can see works by V. Mayiakovsky, V. Lebedev, M. Cheremnich, V. Deny here. The collection of "propagandistic porcelain" includes works by such artists of State (former Emperor's) Porcelain factory as S. Chekhonin, V. Kusnetsov, N.Danko, N. Altman. Materials which are documentary evidence of decoration of cities for revolution holidays celebrations are also part of the exposition; one can see original banners of 1918 - 1922, models of monuments by V. Tatlin and Mukhina. Works by such masters as E. Lisitsky and G. Klutsis are included into the exhibition's section devoted to cinema and photography.
The exhibition will be open until November, 25, 2001.

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