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Danilovskiy Monastery

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Sjiadu Museum in the Museum by name of A.S. Pushkin
The Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, State Museum of Fine Arts by name of A.S. Pushkin and Sjiadu Museum (Lisboan) with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal are presenting the exhibition "Amadeu de Souza-Kardozu. The Portuguese modernist". The exhibition is being held in connection with state visit of Mr. Gorge Sampaiju, President of Portuguese Republic to Russian Federation. The exhibition of works of Amadeu de Souza-Kardozu from state and private collections of Portugal, is for the first time demonstrating to Russian audience the creative work of the well-known master whose individual style is associated with innovation tendencies in the art of that country of early XX century. Amadeu's heredity had been little known even in Portugal itself for a long time. The master gained acknowledgment only in the middle of XX century, and today the significance of his creative work within the boundaries of European countries, its specific features are being attentively studied not only in Portugal, but in the whole world. The exhibition is working since October, 27 till November, 18, 2001.

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