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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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An Image of the Earth from another point of view
"Izvestia" Newspaper and "Russian Photo" Company within the boundaries of the "Extreme-Photo" Project are presenting an exhibition of Dmitry Volgin and his friends "View from the Skies. Day-dream Flights with Photos and Comments". It is a unique chance to see in one and the same hall Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, the Seven Miracles of the Moscow Region, family castles
of "new" and "old" Russians, the colony of people of Earth on an asteroid from a fantastic film, ostriches walking along the snow path and wintering steamers. An amazing world is the one we can see from the height. There are people for whom such day-dream flights become an important part of their lives, but even they do not always take notice of hidden signs of the world.
Rare individuals manage to see wonderful things which can be viewed only from the skies, take photos and record them. Dmitry Volgin and his friends are among such individuals. We shall see such an earth along which we are walking for the first time. The exhibition is functioning in thee Oval Hall of Media-center of "Izvestia", Tverskaya street, 18.

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