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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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An exhibition of Georgy Lichovid in the Central Artists
The Central Artists' House invites you to visit the exhibition "Her Majesty Enamel" by Georgy Lichovid (hot enamels and painting, the city of Volgodonsk). The exhibition will be open up to September, 30 in hall No 11. Georgy Lichovid has created a flexible and manifold inner world, wonderfully rich in variety of moods, nuances of emotions, spiritual states and different sorts of contacts with the surroundings, e.g. people, ideas, things, natural forms. The author's amazing creative energy lets him extend the range of interests all the time; he has become enthusiastic about hot enamels lately. Having first mastered this complicated technique at the International Symposium of Art Center "Emalis" in 1999 in the city of Jaroslavl, he went on studying it at the Enamel-making center in Mineranije Vody (2000) and then at the International Symposium in Kechkemet (Hungary, 2001), he is submitting his works for the judgment of Russian audience for the first time. Spontaneous forces of fire in the creative world of the artist born under the badge of Fire, the Ram, and also probably the heritage of his grand-father, a black-smith, had helped this new hobby suppress all the rest artist's interests and encouraged him to all the deeper learning and mastering this ancient and mysterious technique.

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