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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Devoted to 125-th Anniversary of Stephan Erzjia
State Tretyakov Art Gallery invites you to visit the exhibition "Stephan Erzjia. Devoted to his 125-th Anniversary". There haven't been many sculptors who in XX century gained such a great acknowledgement as Stephan Nefiodov known in the world under the pseudonym of Erzjia (1876 - 1959). 40 works by their talented compatriot have been brought for demonstration in the capital by the Museum of Fine Arts of Mordovia Republic by name of S.D. Erzjia (MFAM), participant of the 12-th exhibition within the project "Golden Map of Russia". Founded in 1960 in the town of Saransk, MFAM is proud of the legendary sculptor's heritage. Son of a hereditary hauler from the clan of "Erzjia", he had immortalized the name of this ethnic group of Mordovia. His destiny had brought Erzjia to different ends of the Earth: he started his career in Alatir, at the suburbs of Simbirsk, and in 1901 he went to study in Moscow on the account of the money gathered by local intellectuals. After he graduated from the School of painting, sculpture and architecture he left for Italy. He lived through hardships and poverty there, but he swore he would be a success. Still in 1909 he was the only one to represent Russia at the International Arts Exhibition in Venice; in a year he was applauded to at the International Exhibition in Nice and then in Rome and Paris as well. In 1914 Erzjia returned to Russia where they called him "Russian Rodehn". He worked in Novorossijsk and Batumi, Baku and Moscow, creating portraits and monuments. In 1926 by the decision of State Education Committee he was ordered abroad "for propaganda of Soviet art". The maestro stayed in Argentine and became amazingly popular there, he discovered local wood species as a material for his creative work. It was only in 1950 that he the artist got Stalin's permission and was able to come back the USSR. His first personal exhibition was held in 1954 in Kuznetsky Most street. In his declining years, being back home after his long emigration, the master donated more than 200 of his works to the state. Most of them are now kept in Saransk and only two are in the Tretyakov Gallery. The present exhibition is being held from September, 18 up to October, 14, 2001.

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