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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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"Red October" in the Red Square
State Historical Museum and Limited Society Moscow confectionery Factory "Red October" are presenting an exhibition called "Red October" in the Red Square. The exhibition is devoted to the 150-th Anniversary of Limited Society Moscow confectionery Factory "Red October". Known all over the country, the factory was founded in 1851 by F.T. Einem in Arbat street. In spite of fierce competition struggle F.T. Einem managed to attract the Muscovites' attention to the great variety of his confectionery goods. In 1896 Einem Company won the highest reward and the right to place the image of the Russian Empire State Emblem on its labels. There is a long-standing friendship and cooperation between State Historical Museum and this enterprise. The present jubilee exhibition is a result of their combined and fruitful work. The exposition is based upon the comparison of the new and the old ages. The visitor will see memorials of XIX and early XX centuries: advertising posters and booklets, refined caskets and boxes for sweets of last century. Side by side with memorials of XIX century best modern factory's products are exhibited: lots of boxes and caskets, colored covers. Well-known sweets, such as "Pigeon-toed Bear", "Chocolate Truffle", "Swallow", caramel "Shrine Neck", chocolate "Golden Label", have come from XIX to XXI century. While the exhibition is functioning, there will be a tasting of confectionery goods of the Limited Society Moscow confectionery Factory "Red October".

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