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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Photos of Shining Flowers
An exhibition "Shining Flowers" is functioning in the State Darwin Museum (June, 19 - September, 2). There you will be offered to see unique photos, where with the help of special equipment the luminescence of flower invisible in the ordinary conditions has been preserved. Energetic body (aura), which surrounds any living creature, became evident thanks to the Kirilian photography method. It is a special kind of photography based on rf current. The authors of the method, married couple Kirilian, are people of an amazing and intricate lot. The exhibition enables one to pay homage to tens of years of their self-sacrificing work, spent on the invention of a comprehensive method of photography. The method permits getting simultaneous photos in the whole spectrum of electromagnetic waves and is now widely used in defectoscopy, crime detection and certainly medicine. It was found that aggressive, irritated an having fear or displeased people have got a red color spectrum. Harmonious, steady, sincere and purposeful people have got light-blue, blue and violet radiation. With the help of Kirilianography one can analyze the character and force of the effect of curative plants upon human organism. By means of Kirilianography one can not only feel the wholesome influence of flowers over all living creatures, but to see amazing luminescence of plants with one's own eyes.

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