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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Photo-exhibition "In the underwater kingdom"
The State Darwin Museum and the Underwater Photography Center invite you to visit an exhibition "In the underwater kingdom". According to Jacque-Ives Cousteau, the corals cover a far larger area on our planet than many people would expect. The total area of such "forests" is 20 times bigger than that of Europe. In this world shades reign even at noon; due to peculiar refraction of light the surroundings look grayish-blue; the motions are slow, and the colors are fanciful. The objects caught by the camera can not pose, but they seem to be natural models for a camera. There is something ethereal in the form of a sponge looming with a sourly wry face, in a big bulging eye of a red brass, in the moray whose very body is rapacious-looking. Their freshwater "compatriots" - crucian carps, pikes and water lilies have not been forgotten by photographers too. Some people believe that professionalism in underwater imagery in Russia has come off.
Others doubt that. But some just take pictures. Yet the circle of the"select" is not that restricted. An increasing number of people in Russia are becoming devoted to underwater photography. Its fans who have recently founded an association of underwater photographers in Russia organize regular meetings where they tell others about their trips and distant voyages, about their achievements and failures. The exhibition "In the underwater kingdom" displays works by several members of this association.

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