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At the State Museum of Fine Arts by name of A.S. Pushkin
Since September 7, 2001, in hall 23 of the State Museum of Fine Arts by name of A.S. Pushkin the picture by Thomas Ganesborough "Landscape with a Woodcutter" has been exhibited. It comes from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Huston, USA. Thomas Ganesborough (1727 - 1788) had been one of the founders of the British landscape school which was formed in the second half of XVIII century. Ganesborough had admitted that though his main occupation was the portrait, he received more pleasure working at landscape.
The picture "Landscape with a Woodcutter" was painted in early '176s and was one of the brightest embodiments of Ganesborough's landscape style.
Ganesborough paid special attention to the play of light and shade and texture of the object as well. His broad brush and free painting manner exposed the difference of the English painter from the commonly accepted style on the Continent at that period. Ganesborough had created a great many landscape canvases, however he was lead not so much by his observations on the life of nature, as by his inner feelings a

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