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Danilovskiy Monastery

Danilovskiy Monastery

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Traditions of Moscow hospitality
The Moscow Historical Museum is presenting an exhibition named "Moscow Ambassadorial. Traditions of hospitality in the capital". The exhibition is devoted to centuries-old tradition of Moscow hospitality and is timed to the 80-th anniversary of General industrial and commercial Department of services of diplomatic Corps of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation which provides hearty reception and good time for foreign diplomats in our country. The exhibition is telling us about the life of foreign representatives in Moscow from XVI up to the beginning of XXI centuries, about forming and development of the diplomatic etiquette, about the activities of the Ambassadorial Chamber, the Collegium of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and discovers pages of diplomatic and foreign affairs history closely connected with the history of the city.
The exhibition includes about 600 exhibits located in 7 halls, most of them are exhibited for the first time. A special hall of the exhibition is devoted to the most honorable kind of diplomatic reception, Ambassadorial dinner, where one can see a variety of menu, decoration of the table of XVII - XX centuries.

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