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News of museum life of Moscow are given by information system "Museums of Russia"
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World of Yakut Holiday "Ysyakh"
Russian Ethnographical Museum invites you to the exhibition "World of Yakut Holiday: Calendar, Traditions, Art" from the collection of Russian Ethnographical Museum. The exhibition is organized to cel...  In details
Preserved Nature and People
Ecological and Educational Center "Preserves" represents new photographic exhibition "Preserved Nature and People" prepared with the support of Embassy the Netherlands in Moscow. On display there are ...  In details
Icelandic Photography. Retrospective
Moscow Government, Reykjavik Government, Moscow Committee of Culture, Reykjavik Art Museum, National Museum of Iceland and Moscow House of Photography are proud to invite you to visit exhibition proje...  In details
Salvador Dali. Golden Age
In Central Museum of Contemporary History there is exhibition of book drawings by Salvador Dali from the collection of German collector Richard Mayer. These works are exhibited in Russia for the first...  In details
Sculpture and Gobelin in Interior
On 5 November in All-Russian Museum of Popular Arts and crafts there was opened exhibition "Sculpture and Gobelin in Interior" held within the frameworks of longstanding project "Art to Live" and prog...  In details
Arts Heritage of Yakutiya
State Tretyakov Gallery invites you to the 17th exhibition of the project "Golden Map of Russia" - "Arts Heritage of Yakutiya. Painting. Graphic Arts. Pupular Arts and Crafts" from the collection of S...  In details
To 125th Birthday of Maximilian Voloshin
State Literary Museum invites you to the exhibition "Poet's House. Past and Present". The exhibition is dedicated to 125th birthday of Maximilian Voloshin. Besides being author of wonderful verses and...  In details
XX Century Icelandic Art
State Tretyakov Gallery presents exhibition "Face to Nature. XX Century Icelandic Art". This is the first time when in Russia there is exhibition of art of Iceland - the country which is unique for it...  In details
Chronicle of Historical Zone Destruction
Pushkin State Museum, Andrey Bely's Memorial Flat and "Kovcheg" Gallery represent exhibition "Arbat Destruction" displaying photographic works by Potresov (1902 - 1972). Extermination of the whole Arb...  In details
Cloisters of Rostov Veliky and its Outskirts
State Historical Museum and State Museum and Reserve "Rostov Kremlin" are glad to invite you to Pokrovsky Cathedral (Saint Basil's Cathedral) to visit the exhibition "Cloisters of Rostov Veliky and it...  In details
XVII Century French Painting
In State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts there is exhibition "Old Masters" (XVII century French painting from the collection of State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. New research and restoration). On display...  In details
History of Relations Between Ukraine and Russia
Exhibition Hall of Federal State Archives is glad to present historical and art exhibition "Ukraine and Russia in the 17-18th centuries". The period described at the exhibition was tragic and heroic i...  In details
To 95th Anniversary of State Darwin Museum
In October, 2002, State Darwin Museum will celebrate its 95th anniversary. Exactly 95 years passed from the time when in 1907 Alexander Fedorovich Kots had founded the museum. Since that time museum c...  In details
Cave-Treasury in Museum of Architecture
For the first time of its existence exhibition life begins in the vault of the Chemist's Department of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich of State Museum of Architecture named after Schusev (in the 17th century...  In details
Opening of New Name in the Recent History of Art
It's not randomly that the first museum exhibition of works by Evgeny Dodonov is called "Vicissitude": opening of a new name in the recent history of art lets us understand in another way artist's per...  In details
History of Development of Russian Weapons Culture
At the exhibition hall of the Belfry of the Moscow Kremlin there is exhibition "Russian Tsars' Arsenal". 140 virtu from the collection of Armoury Museum acquaint us with the main periods of the develo...  In details
Classics of Russian Photography. Dmitry Baltermants
Within the frameworks of the program "Classics of Russian Photography" the Museum "Moscow House of Photography" is glad to present retrospective review of world famous Soviet photo reporter Dmitry Bal...  In details
Cultural Heritage of Moldova
Museum of Russian Manor Culture "Kuzminki" invites you to visit photographic exhibition "Cultural Heritage of Moldova". Through the pictures with views of nature, of architectural ensembles of the pas...  In details
Affection For Green Mountains
In State Museum of the East there is the exhibition of paintings by Lu Sun.
At the exhibition one can see 32 works created in the last years by the person who has been an artist for a half of a centu...  In details
World of Japanese Book
State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts invites you to the opening of the exhibition "Among Beauties and Flowers" (The World of Japanese Book of 18-19th centuries). The exhibition is organized by the School...  In details
Sky Observation in Photos
Moscow House of Photography is proud to invite you to the exhibition of photographic works by Marina Tsurtsumia "Firmament". This exhibition is the 25th one of the cycle "24". Marina Tsurtsumia (1964)...  In details
House Deposited to Museum of Architecture
Museum of Architecture named after Schusev continues the cycle of
exhibitions "MUAR PROJECT. BUILDING 12. Exhibition of one building". The Museum tries to make a collection of modern building selecti...  In details
Artist of "DA" Circle. Space of an Object
All-Russian Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts together with magazine "Decorative Art" represent the project from the cycle "Artist of "DA" Circle" - "Space of an Object". The meaning of an "object" is ou...  In details
Patriarchy Nikon and His Time
350 years ago Nizhny Novgorod farmer's son named in monkhood Nikon became the seventh Partiarchy of Moscow and All Russia. The years of his patriarchate were remarkable for Orthodoxy because they led ...  In details
Plaster, Fountains, Bars and Puddles
In Moscow State Exhibition Hall "New Manege" there is the exhibition of new works by Vladimir Brainin "Painting of 1995-2002. Plaster, Fountains, Bars and Puddles". The artist in his work is still loo...  In details
Exhibition of Collections from the Netherlands
This is joint project of cultural cooperation of Russian and Dutch museums on mutual exhibition exchange. While in Irininsky Palaty of Novodevichy Monastery there is an exhibition from the Netherlands...  In details
Neomodern by Mikhail Vorobiev
All-Russian Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts personal carries out the exhibition of works by a Moscow artist and designer "Neomodern by Mikhail Vorobiev". The artist's style developed in the beginning o...  In details
Music in Russian Art of the 19-20th Centuries
State Tretyakov Gallery invites you to visit the exhibition "Sound and Image. Music in Russian Art of the 19-20th Centuries". The opening of the exhibition is dated for the XII International Contest n...  In details
Contemporary Artists - to Pushkin
State Pushkin Museum is glad to represent the exhibition "Contemporary Artists - to Pushkin" withing the frameworks of the IV Pushkin Assembly. The aim of the exhibition is to show how 21th century ar...  In details
Historical Heritage of Moscow
The exhibition "Historical Heritage of Moscow" is being held for the first time during the Days of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Moscow, 2002. Monuments of the Moscow Kremlin, historical monume...  In details
Walks Around Moscow of 40-50s
Central House of Artist, the International Confederation of Artist Unions present the exhibition of works by Nikolay Grishin (1921-1985). Drawings by Nikolay Grishin give to visitors possibility to ta...  In details
"Coffee House" in Tsaritsyno
State Museum and Reserve "Tsaritsyno" invites you to visit the exhibition
"Coffee House in Europe and Russia in the 18th - beginning of he 19th century". The exhibition includes materials on coffee c...  In details
Two Nikolo-Gustunsky Cathedrals in the Museum of Architecture
In the Museum of Architecture there is exhibition "Two Nikolo-Gustunsky Cathedrals. The Moscow Kremlin and Belevsky Uyezd". Only few people know about these cathedrals some information. Both of them w...  In details
Massimo Scolari's Thirty Years of Creative Work
State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, the Italian Institute of Culture and the Embassy of Italy are proud to invite you to the exhibition of works by Massimo Scolari "Thirty Years of Creative Work". On d...  In details
Collector of Russian Antiquities
The Ministry of Culture of RF and State Historical Museum are glad to present the exhibition "Collector of Russian Antiquities" dated for the International Museum Day. This is the first exhibition fro...  In details
Secret Symmetry of Existence
C.ART Gallery invites you to visit the exhibition of works by Ivan Novozhenov "Secret Symmetry of Existence". On display there are paintings, graphic works and other. The law of symmetry which is in t...  In details
Sketches by Sofya Yunovich
The exhibition "Theater Decoration Art" representing works by Sofya Yunovich
is opened in the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege". Yunovich is considered as one of the brightest stars in the group of th...  In details
Tokyo Still Life by Nobueshi Araki
The Government of Moscow, the Moscow Committee of Culture, Moscow House of Photography are proud to invite you to the personal exhibition of Nobueshi Araki (Japan) "Tokyo Still Life". Nobueshi Araki i...  In details
Personal Exhibition of Works by Ludmila Zinchenko
The Union of Photographic Artists of Russia presents the personal exhibition of works by Ludmila Zinchenko "Field of Vision" which is being held in Gallery "PhotoSoyuz". Things of everyday life, which...  In details
Photographic Exhibition "Another Deed of Baranovsky"
"Another Deed of Petr Dmitrievich Baranovsky" is the eighth photo exhibition of the cycle "Maria Rogozina's Year". Museum of Architecture carefully stores 30 first-class Pogodin prints; they are all t...  In details
Russian Berlin 1918 - 1941
The Ministry of Culture of RF, State Historical Museum, the Federal Press and Information Department and the Embassy of Federative Republic of Germany in Moscow present exhibition "Russian Berlin 1918...  In details
Troitse-Sergieva Lavra and Russian Czars
State Historical and Cultural Museum and Reserve "Moscow Kremlin", Exhibition Hall of Uspenskaya Belfry of the Moscow Kremlin invite you to visit exhibition "Troitse-Sergieva Lavra and Russian Czars: ...  In details
Museum of Shawl in Pavlovsky Posad
A unique museum on Russian kerchief and shawl is opened in Pavlovsky Posad. This town has been known for its silk patterned cloth and woolen printed kerchiefs for more than a hundred years. The Mus...  In details
Exhibition in the Museum and Estate "Archangelskoe"
Museum and Estate "Archangelskoe" invites you to visit the exhibition "Yusupov's Album. Owners and Guests of "Archangelskoe" 1860-1910s" taking place in "Kolonada" - burial-vault temple that n...  In details
World of Reserved Russia
Ecological and Educational Center "Reserves" is glad to represent photo exhibition "The World of Reserved Russia". The exhibition is the part of a large project of Moscow Reserve Representation...  In details
Native Motives in Exhibition Hall "Izmailovo"
In the Exhibition Hall "Izmailovo" there is exhibition "Native Motives".
Evgeny Putyatin, Ilya Putyatin, Elena Dvornikova have represented their
paintings and sculptures, most part of them wa...  In details
Art Photographs of Chukotka
The Wild World Fund, the Administration of Chukotka Autonomous Region and
Union of Photographic Artists invite you to visit unique exhibition of works
by Chukotka photo artists "The Edge of the E...  In details
Antique Art in the Museum of Architecture
Acropolis Museum, the Greek Fund of Culture, Melina Mercury Fund, Patrae
University, Benaki Museum, the Department of the Ministry of Press of Greek
in Moscow, State Tretyakov Gallery and State...  In details
Exhibition of Works by Rudolf Khachatrian from Armenia
The Russian Academy of Arts invites you to the exhibition of works by national artist of Armenia Rudolf Khachatrian. The exhibition is dedicated to the 65-year birthday of the artist. The exposition p...  In details
Made in France
The State Center of Contemporary Art, Museum and Public Center named after A.D.Sakharov represent the exhibition "Made in France". This exhibition is the project of artists of non-profit gallery "Fran...  In details
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