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U.S., Allied Forces Continue Protection Of Human Rights
and International Trade Routes with Intelligence and Military Operations, especially against the HIV/AIDS lie, which include Trade Sanctions against Former Axis Powers and their Sympathisers, especially on U.S. soil.
Dr. Kary Mullis, 1993 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, from North Carolina reported the obvious truth to the London Times, published in the Saturday Edition, about the HIV/AIDS lie: HIV/AIDS never existed and does not exist [except as a Social Movement started by the Reagan administration, especially against homosexuals and intravenous drug users, especially heroin] because HIV/AIDS was not and is not detectable in blind samples which includes blood tests, and therefore can not be detected blood donations for blood transfusions, for if HIV/AIDS could be identified or detected in blood tests, then HIV/AIDS could be identified or detected in blood donations. The U.S. FDA removed AZT and all AZT class drugs, originally manufactured, marketed, and distributed by Burroughs Wellcome, then Glaxo Wellcome, then Glaxo, and other reorganised companies of England, from the U.S. market because AZT and AZT class drugs were and are fatal, and were and are documented in medical reference books to include side effects of fatal pneumonia, bone marrow depletion, and others. Lowered resistance as lowered immunology of the human body from malnutrition and sleep deprivation, especially from addiction to hard drugs, especially heroin, is not the same as poor Africans being deprived of food and pure drinking water, and medical treatment for malaria, by their own corrupt government, Military troops, and Militias. Columbia University graduate actor Anthony "Tony" Perkins - news web sites - was a waste of time and money, and his wife, Berenthia "Berry" Berenson - news web sites - was conveniently booked on one of the two commercial airlines which were crashed into the World Trade Center - which was designed by a Japanese Architect, and built by Italian Organised Labor/Crime. Japanese and Italians attacked and fought against the U.S. during WWII, and still do at the antisocial levels of violent criminal behaviour, including the discrimination and corruption of the medical and legal professions to deprive others of services. In the U.S., antiabortion activists continue to bomb abortion clinics.
Full War on U.S. soil seems inevitable.

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