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SSS - Sobyanin S.S.

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The newly created US DHS, or U.S. Department of Homeland Security, like US DOJ, or U.S. Department of Justice - and the US DOJ OIG, does not respond to calls from the public - is caught, being quietly and subtley reported and exposed to the U.S. public - and to those of other countries, and is seen by people everywhere as corrupt and already defunct, from Tom Ridge reportedly with debris from the commercial airliners as souvenirs in his office to his recently reported liaison with Hollywood!, to almost e-v-e-r-y last U.S. Federal Judge, Magistrate, and the like on the bench for bribery from big businesses and extremely high-profile individuals only!, with no protection or guarantees of the Civil Rights and Human Rights of all other people, including U.S. citizens! - anyone in NYC for a gift of a box of Cuban cigars for an opening bribery bid?! Or would you like to end up as one of the many cases on the news as a former witness/plaintiff/appellant with no protection from- and exposed to violent criminals by the corrupt U.S. District Court House Civil Servants and shot to death in the U.S. District Court House parking lot?! - the U.S. District Court House parking lot security camera surveillance tapes played for The People on television News shows! War on U.S. soil seems inevitable! Gyrfalcon

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